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What is a session ?

“session” is one of those computing terms that refers to seemingly different things:

  • Shell session
  • TCP session
  • login session
  • Desktop session
  • Browser session
  • Server session etc.
Generally you should understand the session as the different states of an application during the time a user is interacting with it, 
it is specific to the user. 

I would even say a session is an instance of the interaction of a user with an application, but I’m not sure it clarifies the matter. Now more specifically for a web session, the session is a data structure that an application uses to store temporary data that is useful only during the time a user is interacting with the application, it is also specific to the user.

For example, you could save the user’s name in the session so that you don’t have to query the database every time you need it or you could store data in the session to save state between pages (between pages of a payment process for example). Think of it as a volatile memory quickly accessible that is allocated to each user who is using the application, and when the user quits, it is destroyed.

This is the general concept, the storage mechanism and how it is implemented is then specific to the application. This temporary storage could be on the file system in text files, on a database or in the internal memory of the program executing the application.


HTTP és un protocol sense estat i per tant no implementa sessions. Vegeu HTTP Session. S'han però buscat múltiples solucions:

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