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RGManager gestiona i proveix de capacitats de failover per a coleccions de recursos en cluster. A estes coleccions se les anoemana serveis, grups de recursos o arbres de recursos. Aquestes coleccions estan estructurades en forma d'arbre i tenen relacions de dependència entre pares i fills i relacions d'herència.

How RGManager works is that it allows administrators to define, configure, and monitor cluster services. In the event of a node failure, RGManager will relocate the clustered service to another node with minimal service disruption. You can also restrict services to certain nodes, such as restricting httpd to one group of nodes while mysql can be restricted to a separate set of nodes.

There are various processes and agents that combine to make RGManager work. The following list summarizes those areas.

   Failover Domains - How the RGManager failover domain system works
   Service Policies - Rgmanager's service startup and recovery policies
   Resource Trees - How rgmanager's resource trees work, including start/stop orders and inheritance
   Service Operational Behaviors - How rgmanager's operations work and what states mean
   Virtual Machine Behaviors - Special things to remember when running VMs in a rgmanager cluster
   ResourceActions - The agent actions RGManager uses and how to customize their behavior from the cluster.conf file.
   Event Scripting - If rgmanager's failover and recovery policies do not fit in your environment, you can customize your own using this scripting subsystem.

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