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Es poden instal·lar totes aquestes eines amb:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential devscripts ubuntu-dev-tools debhelper dh-make diff patch cdbs quilt gnupg fakeroot lintian  pbuilder piuparts

There are many tools written specifically for packaging on Debian-based systems. Many of them are not essential to creating packages but are very helpful and often automate repetitive tasks. Their man and info pages are good sources of information. However, the following is a list of packages that are deemed necessary to begin packaging:

  • build-essential: is a metapackage that depends on libc6-dev, gcc, g++, make, and dpkg-dev. One package that you might not be familiar with is dpkg-dev. It contains tools such as dpkg-buildpackage and dpkg-source that are used to create, unpack, and build source and binary packages.
  • devscripts contains many scripts that make the packager's maintenance work much easier. Some of the more commonly used are debdiff, dch, debuild, and debsign.
  • ubuntu-dev-tools is also a collection of scripts (like devscripts), but specific for Ubuntu. It contains tools like update-maintainer, dgetlp, what-patch, pbuilder-dist, etc.
  • debhelper are scripts that perform common packaging tasks.
  • dh_make can be used to create a template for your packaging.
  • diff i patch: are used to create and apply patches, respectively. They are used extensively in packaging because it is easier, cleaner, and more efficient to represent small changes as patches rather than to have multiple copies of a file. Note: In Ubuntu 10.04 the diff binary is provided by the diffutils package. The diff package is a dummy transitional package.
  • cdbs (Common Debian Build System): It provides (quoting from the package description) a "sane set of default rules upon which packages can build; any or all rules may be overridden as needed."
  • quilt: manages a series of patches by keeping track of the changes each of them makes. They are logically organized as a stack, and you can apply, un-apply, refresh them easily by traveling into the stack (push/pop). This package completely integrates into the CDBS, allowing maintainers using this new paradigm for their packaging scripts to benefit from the comfort of quilt when editing their diff against upstream. The package also provides some basic support for those not using CDBS.
  • gnupg: is a complete and free replacement for PGP used to digitally sign files (including packages).
  • fakeroot: simulates running a command with root privileges. This is useful for creating binary packages as a regular user.
  • lintian: dissects Debian packages and reports bugs and Policy violations. It contains automated checks for many aspects of Debian Policy as well as for common errors.
  • pbuilder constructs a chroot system and builds a package inside the chroot. It is an ideal system to use to check that a package has correct build dependencies and to build clean packages to be tested and distributed.

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