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The Corosync Cluster Engine is an open source project Licensed under the New BSD License derived from the OpenAIS project. Corosync's mission is to develop, release, and support a community defined de facto open source cluster executive for use by multiple open source and commercial cluster projects or products.

The Corosync Cluster Engine is a group communication system with additional features for implementing high availability within applications.


The project provides four C programming interfaces features:

  • A closed process group communication model with virtual synchrony guarantees for creating replicated state machines.
  • A simple availability manager that restarts the application process when it has failed.
  • A configuration and statistics in-memory database that provide the ability to set, retrieve, and receive change notifications of information.
  • A quorum system that notifies applications when quorum is achieved or lost.

El software està dissenyat per funcionar de forma nativa en xarxes UDP/IP i InfiniBand.


The software is composed of an executive binary which uses a client-server communication model between libraries and service engines. Loadable modules, called service engines, are loaded into the Corosync Cluster Engine and use the services provided by the Corosync Service Engine internal API.

The services provided by the Corosync Service Engine internal API are:

   An implementation of the Totem Single Ring Ordering and Membership[1] protocol providing the Extended Virtual Synchrony model[2] for messaging and membership.
   The coroipc high performance shared memory IPC system.[3]
   An object database that implements the in memory database model.
   Systems to route IPC and Totem messages to the correct service engines.

Additionally Corosync provides several default service engines that are used via C Application Programming Interfaces:

  • cpg - Closed Process Group
  • sam - Simple Availability Manager
  • confdb - Configuration and Statistics database
  • quorum - Provides notifications of gain or loss of quorum


Es troba a github:

Exemples d'ús


Corosync s'utilitza a Proxmox des de la versió 2.0


Corosync utilitza multicast

Corosync utilitza multicast per tant tots els problemes que pot tenir multicast en certes xarxes (per exemple que no estigui suportat/activat) els pot tenir Corosync.

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