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1) Vegeu Node.js apartat instal·lació manual

2) Vegeu johnny-five

Hola mon!

Install Node.js and get the johnny-five module. You need to have an Arduino programmed with Firmata, which is pretty easy to setup. Once that is complete, you can now start hacking hardware like a champion! NodeBots makes the process of programming hardware circuitry very similar to how one would program a modern web page. Seriously, it is that easy!

var five = require("johnny-five"),

   // or "./lib/johnny-five" when running from the source
   board = new five.Board();

board.on("ready", function() {

 // Create an Led on pin 13 and strobe it on/off
 // Optionally set the speed; defaults to 100ms
 (new five.Led(13)).strobe();

}); view rawstrobe.js hosted with ❤ by GitHub



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