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IANA són les inicials de Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

Assignador global d'adreçes IP i altres (OID)

Assigna /8 a RIR (Regional Internet Registry)

  • 1 Feb de 2011: Assigna l'última /8 al RIR APNIC

Regional Internet Registry (RIR)


Réseaux IP Européens (en francès RIPE, French for European IP Networks) is a forum open to all parties with an interest in the technical development of the Internet. The RIPE community’s objective is to ensure that the administrative and technical coordination necessary to maintain and develop the Internet continues. It is not a standardisation organisation like the IETF and does not deal with domain names like ICANN.

RIPE is not a legal entity and has no formal membership. This means that anybody who is interested in the work of RIPE can participate through mailing lists and by attending meetings. RIPE has a chairman to keep an eye on work between RIPE meetings and to be its external liaison. Rob Blokzijl was the spokesperson at the start and later the chairman. The RIPE community interacts via RIPE Mailing Lists,[1] RIPE Working Groups,[2] and RIPE Meetings.[3]

Although similar in name, the RIPE NCC and RIPE are separate entities. The RIPE NCC provides administrative support to RIPE, such as the facilitation of RIPE meetings[3] and providing administrative support to RIPE Working Groups.[2] It was established in 1992 by the RIPE community to serve as an administrative body.

Local Internet Registry (LIR)

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