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Forma part de coreutils





secure-delete tools:

Secure-Delete tools

$ sudo aptitude install secure-delete

Tools to wipe files, free disk space, swap and memoryEven if you overwrite a file 10+ times, it can still be recovered. This package contains tools to securely wipe data from files, free disk space, swap and memory.

The Secure-Delete tools are a particularly useful set of programs that use advanced techniques to permanently delete files. To install the Secure-Delete tools in Ubuntu, run the following command

The Secure-Delete package comes with the following commands

  • srm: (Secure remove) -- used for deleting files or directories currently on your hard disk.
  • smem(Secure memory wiper) -- used to wipe traces of data from your computer's memory (RAM).
  • sfill(Secure free space wiper) -- used to wipe all traces of data from the free space on your disk.
  • sswap(Secure swap wiper) -- used to wipe all traces of data from your swap partition.
  • srm -- Secure remove

srm removes each specified file by overwriting, renaming, and truncat-ing it before unlinking. This prevents other people from undeleting or recovering any information about the file from the command line.

srm, like every program that uses the getopt function to parse its arguments, lets you use the --- option to indicate that all arguments are non-options. To remove a file called ‘-f' in the current directory, you could type either "srm --- -f" or "srm ./-f".

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