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$ sudo apt-cache search benchmark
bonnie++ - Hard drive bottleneck testing benchmark suite.
siege - Http regression testing and benchmarking utility
avifile-utils - utility programs using the avifile library
contest - The linux kernel responsiveness benchmark
cstream - general-purpose stream-handling tool similar to dd
dbench - The dbench (disk) and tbench (TCP) benchmarks
gambc-doc - Documentation for the Gambit-C interpreter and compiler
libamstd-ruby1.8 - AMbitious STanDard library for Ruby 1.8
libbenchmark-ocaml-dev - OCaml benchmarking library
php-benchmark - Framework to benchmark PHP scripts or function calls
postal - SMTP benchmark - the mad postman.
postgresql-contrib-8.1 - additional facilities for PostgreSQL
postmark - File system benchmark from NetApp
probcons - PROBabilistic CONSistency-based multiple sequence alignment
schedtool - Queries/alters process' scheduling policy and CPU affinity
scsitools - Collection of tools for SCSI hardware management
stress - A tool to impose load on and stress test a computer system
tcllib - the Standard Tcl Library
tiobench - Threaded I/O bench for Linux
xengine - A benchmark program for the X Window System.
iozone3 - Filesystem and Disk Benchmarking Tool
lmbench - Utilities to benchmark UNIX systems
lmbench-doc - Documentation for the lmbench benchmark suite
netperf - Network performance benchmark
apache2-utils - utility programs for webservers
postgresql-contrib-8.2 - additional facilities for PostgreSQL  





$ sudo apt-get install netperf


Xen benchmarking