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Us agrada la nova interfície gràfica de Google Play? (--acacha (discussió) 13:42, 23 gen 2015 (CET)). Google ha introduït un nou dissenys basat en "cartes" (Card UI) en aplicacions com Google Play, Google Plus etc. En aquest article veurem algunes eines per crear interfícies similars.

Conceptes de disseny


A card is a piece of paper that contains unique related data; for example, a photo, text, and link all about a single subject. Cards are typically an entry point to more complex and detailed information.

Cards have a constant width and variable height. The maximum height is limited to what can fit within a single view on a platform, but it can temporarily expand as needed (for example, to display a comment field). Cards do not flip to reveal information on their back.


També existeixen alternatives per aplicacions web pures basades en Bootstrap. Vegeu Bootcards/


Exemple amb llistes



Card Library (Cardslib) provides an easy way to display a UI Card using the Official Google CardView in your Android app.

Before using this library I recommend that you check out the new Google Material Guidelines.Don't over cardify your UI.

Apps demo:


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